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Experienced textile professionals lead each team of Sampling, Marketing, Merchandising, Production, QA and Shipping departments.

Through organized processes with strict controls at every stage from raw materials and sampling to bulk production and packing.

In-house, and fully equipped laboratory for all required tests. Any potential issues are identified well before shipments by use of risk analysis, pre-production meetings, pilot runs and wearer trials.

Every batch of fabric is tested before cutting (Including stability, color fastness, shade matches under required lights such as tl84 and d65, weights and constructions, pilling, and compositions.

Vigorous garments accessories & Embellishment testing including any customer’s specific tests.

Testing methods confirm to ISO, BSEN & AATCC standards.


Each factory is comprehensively evaluated to ensure social and security compliance. Any potential issues are identified, and our dedicated teams raise corrective action plan whose implementation is closely monitored. We have a comprehensive social compliance manual (A copy is available on request) which is issued to all our vendors. Product safety is paramount and all vendors are regularly checked for safety policy and metal control. All goods are tunnel metal detected before packing of each and every garment. Our mission is to work continuously towards the fair and equal treatment of every person within the supply chain, regardless of their global location, position, with the supply chain or ethnic origins.

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